Animation and graphics

Classic 2D animation is popular for most clients and opens possibilities to use it in the most varied areas. With animation, it is possible to make presentations of new services, training videos, and to more clearly to tell about innovative technologies and dynamically present interesting infographics.

Development of 2D-animation begins with clients filling out a detailed questionnaire, so we can understand in detail what the video should be about, who the target audience is and what effect the client is expecting to get. Our animated trailers are filled with humor and present positive emotions in potential consumers of the advertised product, which will be remembered for a long time and serve as an excellent tool for promotion.

Not only is quality work important for us, but also the achievement of long-term goals which are set by a customer prior to starting animation. For this reason we always watch the progress and future of our projects. We are interested in the growth of conversion (sales) after viewing and the reaction of buyers and admirers of a brand.